The Partner In Crime Traveler



I close the door, to open the other one

With a smile on my face.

I may not know the journey I will have to be.

At least I know I had enough tried my best in the life that I just closed the door.

And even though the next journey promises the uncertainty, I choose to go through it for make me feel alive.

Do not say I was not enough trying, cause I always gave my heart, love, tear and smile in every stage of the life

Do not say I am giving up, cause I am not just leaving you away. I leave you the keys and my heart. So you can find my footprints and how I tried so hard and never stop my efforts to make us like where we are now. Stand up. So high.

I do not want to be ‘old’. Then I let you in.

Welcome Tomorrow. Goodbye Yesterday

And Today, let’s dance till midnight.


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